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PAI 999J Ed. 1 - About ML Work Group - Opened 2019-07-31
Summary of Topics
Chapter 1- Project Overview
1.1 Statement of Importance for ABOUT ML project
1.1.1 About this document
1.1.2 ABOUT ML project process and timeline overview
Chapter 2- Current Recommendations on Documentation for Transparency in the ML Lifecycle
2.1 Demand for Transparency in ML Systems
2.2 Transparency Through Documentation
2.2.1 Documentation as a Process in the ML Lifecycle
2.2.2 Key Process Considerations for Documentation
2.3 Research Themes on Documentation for Transparency
2.3.1 System Design and Set up
2.3.2 System Development
2.3.3 System Deployment
2.4 Suggested Documentation Formatting
2.4.1 Suggested Documentation Sections for Datasets Data Specification, Motivation Collection Cleaning Composition Data Integration, Use Distribution Maintenance
2.4.2 Suggested Documentation Sections for Models Model Specifications Model Training Evaluation Model Integration Maintenance
Chapter 3- Current Challenges of Implementing Documentation
Chapter 4- Evaluating Best Practices and Recommending New Norms
Chapter 5- Conclusions