UL's Collaborative Standards Development System (CSDS) provides online access for review and submitting information for UL's Standards development process. General access is available for information on STP meetings, submitting proposals, and proposals available.
Current Users:
If you already have a CSDS user account use the Username and Password information provided for you in the "Welcome" e-mail. It is strongly recommended that you change your password after accessing the site.

New Users:
If you would like to submit a Proposal Request or request to attend a meeting, click Create User Account to create a user account profile.
NOTE: Please make sure that all pop-up blocker and Spyware software is disabled first.

New Feature Available
Follow/UnFollow Standard.
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Standards Technical Panels and Committees are important parts of the process by which its Standards are developed and maintained.

Our Application process has been enhanced and is now available through our new Standards member portal, MyInfo.

Not a CSDS user? Here are items you can access and how to become a CSDS user.