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STP 4600 covers the following Standard(s): 4600
NameCompanyInterest Category
Rob Alexander University Of York General
Nicholas Alexiades UL LLC Testing & Stds Org
Jyotika Athavale Nvidia Corp Supply Chain
Nat Beuse Aurora Innovation Producer
Ralph Buckingham Intertek Testing & Stds Org
Adam Campbell Gatik Producer
Jan Clawson Kodiak Robotics Producer
Krzysztof Czarnecki University Of Waterloo General
Niels De Boer Nanyang Technological University International Delegate
Bernard Dion Ansys Supply Chain
Uma Ferrell The Mitre Corporation General
Frank Fratrik Edge Case Research General
Thomas Fulton Locomation Producer
Hui Jiang Inceptio Technology Producer
Jeongkee Kim C&BIS Co., Ltd./ Technical/Processs Management Group General
Philip Koopman Carnegie Mellon University General
Mark Kopko Penn DOT AHJ/Regulator
Simon (Inactive) Lee U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Government
Heping Liu Weikang Holding General
Jin Liu IM Motors Ltd. Commercial-Ind. User
Jeffrey Loftus Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admn Government
Gang Niu Tongji University General
Frederick Perkins Center For Auto Safety Consumer
Deborah R. Prince Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Chair
Ben Quigley Robotic Research OpCo, LLC Producer
Brett Rogers ITS ConGlobal Commercial-Ind. User
Heather Sakellariou Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Project Manager
Hakan Sivencrona Zenseact Producer
Edward Straub SAE International Testing & Stds Org
Selika Talbott Autonomous Vehicle Consulting LLC General
Riccardo Vincelli Renesas Electronics Europe Gmbh Supply Chain
Hong Wang Tsinghua University General
Jack Weast Intel Corp Producer
Michael Wong Codeplay Software LTD Supply Chain
Fei Xi China Automotive Innovation Corporation Supply Chain
Shuping Yang Beijing Research Institute Of Automation For Machinery Industry International Delegate
Si-Bok Yu Katech International Delegate
Rafael Zalman Infineon Technologies AG Supply Chain
Xin Zhao Hesai Technology Supply Chain
AHJ Commercial / Industrial User Consumer General Government International Delegate Producer Supply Chain Testing & Standards Total Voting Members Project Manager Chair Non-Voting Members Total STP Members
1 2 1 10 2 3 8 7 3 37 1 1 0 39
2.70 % 5.41 % 2.70 % 27.03 % 5.41 % 8.11 % 21.62 % 18.92 % 8.11 %