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Step 1: STP Membership Responsibilities
UL Standards Development. STP Membership responsibilities include: 
  1. Reading and complying with the STP Member Code of Ethics.
  2. Reading and complying with the UL Patent Policy.
  3. Reading and complying with the UL Antitrust Rules.
  4. Maintaining internet access. UL's Standards Development work is conducted through CSDS (Collaborative Standards Development System). CSDS is UL's web-based standards development system.
  5. Volunteering to help draft requirements and/or participate on Task Groups if they fall within your field of expertise.
  6. Notifying STP Project Manager regarding changes in status.
  7. Comply with the requirements for consultants. *
  8. Reviewing proposals and providing input through CSDS prior to announced deadlines.
  9. Voting through CSDS prior to announced deadlines.
Do you accept these membership responsibilities? *
While your application is processing you can Follow the Standard(s) feature in CSDS to stay informed of any Standards development.