Use CSDS and Participate in the UL Standards Development Process
There are several ways to participate in UL Standards development activities:
  • Become a subscriber to one of UL's Standards. You can do this at the Web site of the company UL uses to sell and distribute its Standards (

  • Participate as a member of one of UL's Standards Technical Panels (STP). The UL Standards Web site provides more details about STP membership criteria. Visit

  • In addition, if you are not interested in becoming a subscriber to a UL Standard, you can also purchase access to an individual CSDS Work Area, free of charge, for a proposal that is of particular interest to you. This type of access can be purchased at

  • If you do not have an account and would like to submit a Proposal Request or request to attend a meeting, click Create User Account to create a user account profile.

  • UL Certification Customers can request access to CSDS for specific Standards through their account on SCCL,